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About Us:

The key differentiator between Quintum Scutum and other competitors is its sound business philosophy cantered on ethics and integrity. We are dedicated to delivering a superior customer experience. Every member of the Quintum Scutum team has a unique relationship with the customer; we are committed to developing those relationships with innovative, market-leading solutions and a relentless focus on meeting day-to day and future customer needs.

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After many years spent in the service of the Italian Armed Forces as an officer, in 2011 Dr. Edoardo Mattiello takes his leave and at the same time begins to conceive and develop this consulting activity for companies, integrating and harmonizing all the safety, security, legal and logistics skills acquired over time. Over the years, fruitful collaborations have been born with other highly specialized professionals. Currently this team of freelancers collaborates with the aim of supporting development and social equity, through interventions to protect and support the weaker and disadvantaged classes, both in Italy and abroad. In the last period we have also dedicated ourselves to the development and control in the field of original research projects, in order to develop new methods of technical / specialist intervention, for the prevention and management of the emergency.


Quintum Scutum Team is an association of consultants very experienced in different and complementary fields. This organization was born in 2018 from the idea of Edoardo Mattiello and is developing, despite the difficult period of the pandemic, very quickly, thanks to the constant commitment of all its members in the Italian and international market and thanks to the very high-quality standards it offers. Quintum Scutum was created for a social purpose, that is, to intervene with the profits it generates, in favour of the poorest and disadvantaged classes of society and of the whole world. The activities and services offered by our team are exclusively ethical and aimed at protecting people’s lives and rights and are based on the highest and strictest quality standards to make us strongly competitive on the market. In this way, on the one hand, our organization has a social and humanitarian mission. But on the other hand, it uses to achieve its goal typically business tools that are constantly updated and enhanced (hence the idea of developing virtual reality). The use of profits to develop emergency management projects allows our organization to accumulate new operational capacity that gives more value to the services offered for business purposes. At the same time, the approach to the work of our organization is typically yogic; that is, founded on the union and harmonization of very different skills that, however, once inserted in the organization, transform and adapt to the same in order to make it grow.

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