Bespoke Trainings

We are aware that no two businesses are alike. The challenges that businesses may encounter are endless given the variety of sectors, organisational structures, and worker functions. Our hardworking group of trainers and project managers thrive when they can impart their knowledge and abilities to others. We are committed to providing managers and learners with the best learning experience possible.

Quintum Scutum delivers specialist training across a range of personal safety and security topics. Our learning facilitators and trainers generally have a background in the Italian Military or at a high level within the security industry.

The use of effective training methodologies makes sure that participants leave with a high level of knowledge and, more importantly, retain that information. Each participant receives a thorough workbook to help with future training reviews.

Organizations nowadays are required to guarantee the safety of their employees while they are at work. By utilising modern techniques and best practises, the training programmes we provide may assist organisations in protecting their employees, assets, and reputation.

We may provide customised training programmes for internal security teams or security personnel as a whole. We also provide custom training solutions that meet the demands of both large and small organisations, as well as a variety of training solutions for the retail and other industries. Topics can include but are not limited to:

• Security management
• Introduction to security risk levels
• Personal safety and security awareness
• Robbery prevention and safety
• Personal safety and conflict management
• Loss prevention
• Police training
• Self Defense
• Emergency Management
• First aid in risk areas


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