Medical Evacuation

What is Medical Evacuation?

When a medical issue can't be successfully treated where you are right now, a medical evacuation is necessary. It entails transferring a patient to a facility with a greater level of care. It may be more suitable for the patient to be sent to a facility with high-quality medical care within the same region during a medical evacuation than returning them to their native country.

Medical evacuation may range from being as straightforward as a land ambulance journey to being as complex as an air ambulance transporting an unconscious patient between two nations. In essence, air ambulances are mobile critical care units with specialised medical personnel.

Coverage for Repatriation of Remains​

Repatriation coverage, up to the coverage limitations specified in the policy, meaning that travel insurance covers the return of the deceased traveler's remains to his or her home or to a nearby facility for funeral or cremation services in the case of the death of a covered traveller.

The travel insurance provider will make all necessary arrangements for this transport, including paying for the embalming process, finding a suitable container, and shipping fees. Shipping is done in the most practical and straightforward way possible.

Under no circumstances does this coverage pay for costs involved with the insured party's cremation, burial, or funeral, or with related costs like an urn or coffin.

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How can we help you?

If you are extremely ill or hurt while visiting another country, you'll probably be brought to the closest hospital or medical institution for care. But what will you do if the nearby institution is unable to treat you because it lacks the necessary physicians, medications, tools, or supplies?

What happens if getting to a better hospital on ordinary transportation would take too long and your life is on the line? Or are you too ill or hurt to go without the necessary supplies and medical personnel at your side?

A hospital that is able to treat your illness or injury that threatens your life or limb will be transported to you as part of an emergency medical evacuation. By ensuring you receive the specialist treatment you require, the ultimate objective is to save your life, arm, or limb.

Luckily, if you have Us that helps during medical emergency. Your emergency medical evacuation may involve ground transportation on both ends of the evacuation if it is carried out by air, as well as coordination with the treating facility, transportation to the closest appropriate medical facility for the traveller’s needs by ambulance or by air (if necessary), provision of a trained medical escort if one is required, assistance with flight and immigration clearances, ground transportation on both ends of the evacuation if it is carried out by air, and any additional assistance required to ensure the traveller’s evac. Contact us for more details.

International Compliance and Standards

A company that has to open a construction site in a foreign country or work directly on foreign soil is required to comply with both local and Italian health and safety prevention regulations. This means that the employer must ensure the worker the same level of protection that he would have in Italy. It therefore becomes essential for companies to have a specialized technical and legal service that, through Italian and local consultants, can set up regulatory analyzes and detailed procedures on how to organize work abroad and on which obligations must be carried out by the company on site.

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