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Quintum Scutum's technical and legal consultancy team is the result of a path that has generated a network of highly specialized professional collaborations capable of combining history and innovation. In this dynamic and streamlined context, thanks to the skills and consolidated military technical experience of Dr. Edoardo Mattiello, the fundamental contribution of the legal profession of the lawyers Marco Onesti and Chiara Gatto, as well as the military medical examiner of Dr. Massimo Norgia, we are able to offer valuable advice aimed at resolving disputes in the different and complex military reality. In fact, professionals, after carefully evaluating every aspect of the problem, are able to develop the best assistance for the customer, recommending the most appropriate tools for achieving the set objectives.

This operating mode is particularly suitable for the military field since, as those who work in this sector know well, knowing in advance the objectives and risks of a judicial or extrajudicial action is of fundamental importance for the Client.

Moreover, thanks to Dr. Mattiello's professionalism in the field of security, he can support the military in that fundamental phase which is the professional relocation in civil society, should he need or decide to opt for a choice in this direction.

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