Security Management

What is security management?

Security professionals nowadays must deal with important incidents including theft, arson, violence, civil unrest, terrorism, and natural catastrophes. It is a continual problem for many businesses to keep people and assets secure in the face of threats that are both growing and diversifying.

Additionally, operations keep expanding, including additional systems, users, and data. It may be challenging and expensive to keep all of this under control. It might be stressful when a crucial event occurs and information floods your business. To secure their employees and assets and maintain operational efficiency, organisations must deliver the appropriate information to the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time.

What do we do?

By spotting threats to people or assets and arranging a quick reaction across teams and systems, Quintum Scutum's security management assists enterprises in maintaining control over their security. All of this is done inside a user-friendly shared platform

Quintum Scutum with it's safety and security partners have a network spread over 100+ countries covering all of LATAM and Africa with a considerable operative network in Asia and Europe. Based on clients’ requirements and Risk Assessment outputs, Quintum Scutum can complement the operation with additional insight and logistic services such as:

• Security Consultant
• Close protective operatives (both armed and unarmed)
• Local transportation with trained driver (both armoured and civilian vehicles)
• Translator/Interpreter
• Media Team Security
• 24/7/365 security teams to secure the assets and employees of our clients
• Evacuation Planning
• Situation updates


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