Social Projects

Our Social Projects

Our social commitment leads us to reinvest our profits in emergency management projects. Thanks to this we are always adding new experiences by continuously improving the operational capacity.

In particular, we finance the activities of the “Progetti nel Mondo” Association of Buttigliera Alta which has already carried out and completed various programs.


Rokai, a fatherless Afghan child, suffered from a congenital malformation which, if not corrected by a surgical operation, would not have allowed him to reach adulthood. Thanks to a large supportive participation, within a few weeks, the little one underwent a delicate surgery at the Gaslini Hospital in Genoa. The following collaborated: the Italian Army, the Liguria Region and the Municipality of Buttigliera Alta.

Emergency management

In Afghanistan, in the rural district of Chahar Asyab, on the outskirts of Kabul where the aquifers were heavily polluted, 14 water wells were dug, which guaranteed access to water for about 280 households (about 2000 people). The following collaborated: the Italian Army, the Municipality of Buttigliera Alta, ATO3 (territorial body for water management). Also in Afghanistan, in the village of Bal E Murghab, a war area, 17 water wells have been dug. The following collaborated: the Italian Army, the Ministry of Rural Development of Afghanistan, the Province of Cuneo, the Governorate of Bal E Murghab and the Piedmont Region.

Safety and Security

In order to improve the security level of the local population in relation to thefts and scams, the Association has organized and activated a neighborhood control organization, in collaboration with the local police and the municipal administration. In addition, non-violent self-protection courses were organized for the local population and police.

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