Travel Risk Management

Travel Risk Management

What is travel risk management?

The technique of anticipating, avoiding, and responding to risks that business travellers can encounter while travelling is known as travel risk management. This can include inclement weather, civil upheaval, terrorism, natural disasters, pandemics and many other things.

The term "travel risk management" refers to the process of recognising and addressing all potential hazards. Your major goals are to reduce the likelihood of a danger materialising, if at all feasible and to have a strategy in place in case one does. These goals are integral parts of your organization's duty of care requirements and your all-hazards strategy.

What do we do?

Travel risk management systems
A system allows the company to make the correct choices in order to organize travel according to adequate safety standards, complying with legal requirements.

Two types of systems can be developed, compliant with UNI 45001 and depending on the customer's needs:

A specific system for entities that mobilize large numbers of workers, and which is based on the drafting of country sheets and on the monitoring of activities by specialized technicians.

A specific system for organizations that mobilize limited numbers of workers and which is based on an internal procedure that allows the company RSPP (or other person chosen by the organization) to validate and monitor each trip.

"On site" Risk Assessment

A specialized technician goes directly to the site and here, after a thorough inspection, organizes, through local partner companies, the safety and emergency management system (for example, selection of hotels, organization of site security, organization of the medical evacuation and emergency evacuation, selection of safe routes, etc.).
The same service is also provided as regards the management of specific site risks.

Specialist Travel Monitoring

Operating in a country at risk, it is essential to always be updated on the evolution of the local situation. Workers can suddenly find themselves exposed to serious risks as a result of riots, terrorist attacks, epidemics, natural disasters and so on. To this end, we can provide an innovative risk monitoring and forecasting system that allows workers to be kept updated on a daily basis on what is happening on site and on what could be accessed.
We also provide a crisis management consultancy service to call in case of need.

Specialized Travel Training

Since the traveling staff work very often isolated and at a great distance from the organization they belong to, it is essential that they receive adequate training on how to manage the risks they may have to face during the trip. The training, both of a theoretical and practical nature, examines, in particular, the behaviors to be followed to mitigate the criminal, health and driving risks, as well as those connected to cataclysmic events and the cultural approach.

Extreme importance is given to the practicality and concreteness of the notions transmitted and to the realistic nature of the simulated contexts. Specialized training can also be provided for the performance of the travel risk manager activity, as well as for the personnel involved in the organization and management of the trip from Italy, as well as, finally, for those who work in HRA.

The Quintum Scutum learning facilitators and trainers will travel with the participants on an interactive adventure where they will face a variety of theoretical and practical difficulties. This session is essential for fostering a culture of safety and security among travelling personnel, covering everything from situational awareness to aggressiveness, travel health, lodging safety, and car accidents.

Anyone who travels abroad for work, both seasoned and inexperienced travellers alike, are encouraged to take the programme.

Health Risk Management

It is possible to support the customer in many ways:
• Identification of travel-specific vaccination and behavioral prophylaxis;
• Telemedicine consultancy;
• Organization of on-site medical emergency management;
• Organization of emergency medical evacuations;
• Specialized training on how to manage medical emergencies in non-permissive contexts.


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