Travel Risk Management

The technique of anticipating, avoiding, and responding to risks that business travellers can encounter while travelling is known as travel risk management. This can include inclement weather, civil upheaval, terrorism, natural disasters, pandemics and many other things.

Bespoke Trainings

Quintum Scutum delivers specialist training across a range of personal safety and security topics. Our learning facilitators and trainers generally have a background in the Italian Military or at a high level within the security industry

Security Management

Security professionals nowadays must deal with important incidents including theft, arson, violence, civil unrest, terrorism, and natural catastrophes. It is a continual problem for many businesses to keep people and assets secure in the face of threats that are both growing and diversifying.

Crisis Management

When we refer to a crisis, we imply a sudden, unusual, difficult-to-predict incident that might possibly badly harm or completely destroy an institution. An armed uprising, a natural disaster, an abduction, a terrorist assault, etc. are a few examples of crises.

International Compliance and Standards

A company that has to open a construction site in a foreign country or work directly on foreign soil is required to comply with both local and Italian health and safety prevention regulations.

Medical Evacuation

When a medical issue can't be successfully treated where you are right now, a medical evacuation is necessary. It entails transferring a patient to a facility with a greater level of care. It may be more suitable for the patient to be sent to a facility with high-quality medical care within the same region during a medical evacuation than returning them to their native country.

Country Safety and Security analysis

When it comes to international operations and travel, safety should always be a priority. At Quintum Scutum, we offer resources that help you and your travellers stay safe and healthy: from country guides and consultations to medical support, safety, security and evacuation assistance

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